# MuBu

MuBu is a Max toolbox for multimodal analysis of sound and motion, sound synthesis and interactive machine learning. It allows to create interactive gesture-based sonic systems, and it's also the base for the CataRT system for Corpus based Concatenative Synthesis.

MuBu can be used in different typical use cases

# Recording, Playing, Analyzing and Visualizing Multimodal Data

  • audio and audio descriptors
  • sensors data and motion descriptors
  • MIDI
  • temporal markers

# Real-time Processing of Audio and Sensor Data

  • filtering
  • segmentation
  • computing descriptors (pitch, timbre, FFT, MFCC, wavelets, statistic)

# Interactive Machine Learning

  • KNN (k-nearest neighbours search)
  • PCA (principal component analysis)
  • GMM (Gaussian mixture model recognition), GMR (regression)
  • HMM (hidden Markov model recognition), XMM (regression);
  • DTW (dynamic time warping)
  • Gesture following (GF) and Gesture Variation Following

# Interactive Sound Synthesis

  • Granular synthesis
  • Concatenative synthesis
  • Additive synthese

License: Forum (Toolbox distributed freely, proprietary code)

{Sound Music Movement} Interaction Team - STMS-LAB